Reading Plan

Do you wish for greater Christian unity in the new year?

Divisions are all around us in our country, even within the church. Although we are united in Christ by His Spirit, we can find ourselves so easily divided. It can even feel like we’re not even reading the same Bible.

So, what can we do about it? We can read.

How better to grasp God’s message than to sit patiently with it and submit ourselves to the Spirit? Rather than assuming we all know everything already, we can humbly acknowledge our need to be taught and our need to read. So can begin this year with a season of reading, equipping ourselves with the very Word of God.

Here’s the plan:

This year we won’t read everything. But we’ll get a great breadth and depth of Scripture. We’ll cover so many major events from the Old Testament with Genesis and Exodus, get a sense of the cycle of sin Israel was trapped in with Judges, see how righteousness did persist in Ruth, and see a return from exile in Nehemiah.

In the New Testament we’ll read a gospel, get to re-read Acts, read three of Paul’s letters, and four other letters, too.

Along the way we’ll take time each week to read from the book of Psalms. And rather than a daily plan, this is divided into weeks to give you greater flexibility. Some days you may have more time and others less. The goal is to make reading a priority and to encounter God in these times of reading.

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We won’t be back inside the church early in 2021. While this is sad, we think along with the importance of reading the Bible in any and all times, now can be a time that reading helps us connect.

Like being in a book club, reading along with others builds a sense of community. We will read the same things, hear sermons from the text, and have additional times to wrestle with all that God will show us.

We invite you to join others and commit to a season of reading God’s Word.

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