In the News: Did Jesus have a Wife?

Papyrus fragment: front. Karen L. King 2012

This is a site about reading the Bible and given that the news has been talking about ancient texts concerning Jesus, I thought I’d offer a few resources on this talk of Jesus having a wife based on an old coptic manuscript:

A bit of overview from Christianity Today

An academic response to it from Near Emmaus

Harvard’s own site on the finding

One quick point I’ll make. Don’t let talk of authenticity fool you. Authenticity in this sense means that this fragment is believed to be an ancient text. It’s not a hoax written in contemporary times. This does not mean that the content is necessarily true.

I could grab a piece of paper and write on it that I have a unicorn. In a thousand years, if that paper were to survive and someone found it, it would be an authentic ancient writing. They could say that it was truly written in the early 21st century. But does that mean that I have a unicorn? Of course not.

There were many different schools of thought and religions that wanted to associate Jesus or a follower of Jesus with their beliefs. But just because scholars call something a gospel does not mean it truly is.