Looking ahead to our goal, especially in tough times

How is it finishing our History Blitz? So far it is hard.

I have driven halfway down the east coast which hasn’t afforded me much reading time, and when I have had the chance, other things have come up. I’ve seen grandparents and visited quite a bit with them and of course I wouldn’t want to limit that time that is increasingly rare to go off and read. My kids have been sick, which is just another drain on time and energy.

I have excuses. But, I have had chances before bed and didn’t have my priorities then. When my wife took some turns to drive, I could’ve then, too. I have excuses, but they are not quite good enough. Perhaps I don’t have the same time I do other weeks, but there is still time, nonetheless. This is no easy task, but few things of great worth often are.

It is hard, but I am excited to keep working hard reading and spending time with God in his word. I am looking ahead toward the goal of having all of the Bible read by the end of the year. It is especially especially in challenging times that I need to be reminded of the “why” and keep focused on our purpose. We know God will bless us through the reading of his word and we will be all the more equipped to follow him and serve his will in the world.

Welcome to the Start of the History Blitz

History Blitz! – So it begins.

Starting today, we’ll spend the next three weeks reading 1 & 2 Kings and Chronicles. That doesn’t look like all that much, but maybe it is because I tried to abbreviate a bit. To make it more intimidating I’d say: 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, and 2 Chronicles. Perhaps you still don’t see the big deal. Some weeks have had four books read in one week. That is true. But these books aren’t the minor prophets.

The way I’ve ordered the weeks for Year in the Bible is to have us average about 23 chapters a week. Some weeks push us more and then periodically we have a lighter week when we read fewer chapters. This week (week 7 of quarter 3) has us reading 47. You’ve been warned.

So why in the world would I do this? Well, sometimes I think it was a good idea. Other times I’m just not sure. But it’s too late now to change it! My thinking was that these history books can include a large number of lists and genealogies and more lists. We could stretch Kings and Chronicles out over 2 months and pace ourselves, but I think that if we did so it would bring us into a lull. Instead we’re packing it in. Bear in mind that these books are more of a narrative style of writing so it is a more straightforward read. It is not as slow going as Job or Jeremiah have been. And be positive about it–there are great stories in here. We heard one this morning in our sermon and there are plenty more where that came from.

The three weeks of the blitz are laid out like this:

1 & 2 Kings – 47 chapters

1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles 1-18 – 47 chapters

2 Chronicles 19-36 – 18 chapters

My advice is to do your best to read it as assigned, and if you need that third week to catch up a few chapters, do so. I’ve already invited you to start early, but you can also carry it on into a fourth week if you’d rather. The week immediately following the history blitz is 1 John with all of its five chapters. That’s all. My intent is for that to be a breather for us so we can slow ourselves and read a great little letter. But again, if you need to use that light week to continue to read Chronicles, please do so.

We’re all adults here. My reading plan is flexible. You can always make your own decisions.

I hope you enjoy. And if you’re bitter about being assigned 47 chapters, you can email me all your complaints. (But the time you spend writing me an angry email may be better used getting all that reading done!)