Visualizing Our Progress through the Bible

If you need a bit of motivation, I’ve shown this visual to a few folks in recent weeks. We’ve completed three of four quarters of our reading plan. You might think that means we’ve ready 75% of the Bible, but wait–because the fall quarter was longer, you’ve actually read more than three quarters of Scripture.

So what does that look like? My Bible is just about 1600 pages, so I took a quick picture of our progress. It isn’t exact, but it gives a good estimate and sure is exciting for me to know how far along we’ve come!

Three quarters bible

Minimal Art for Numbers

Do you know those motivational posters folks hang up in their offices that say things like “ACHIEVEMENT” or “COURAGE”? Well, this edition of the minimal art from the Bible taken from the site, Being RKP, could have hung on the walls of the people in Numbers. What are we doing in the desert? What is all this wandering for? Then they look at this poster and buck up. It’s an Israelite motivational tool.

MILK AND HONEY, “Taste and See that the Lord is Good.”

As hokey as those posters can get, it is good to be reminded of our purpose and our goals. We should not walk aimlessly through life, but should always hold before us the hope that we have in Christ and seek to be obedient to his call upon our lives. The Israelites lose sight of goals and of their past, and in so doing are tossed about by the influences of the nations surrounding them.