New Reading Plan begins Sunday – Join in and invite a friend

Our new reading plan begins Sunday, May 25th. In only 10 weeks you get an overview of the whole Bible.

While you don’t read from every book, this plan tries to give you a birds-eye view of what God has been up to with his people. You’ll see the promises God makes to Abraham, his faithfulness to Israel and their tumultuous relationship, and the way the promises are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Since this plan seeks to be an overview, I’m hoping it will also work well as an introduction to the Bible for people who are wanting to know more about God in his word. Maybe this is perfect for someone who has never really read before.

The readings for each week aren’t too extensive, so take your time and reflect on the readings. We have a Bible study at our church on Wednesdays at 6pm, or you can find a reading partner or small group to discuss what you’re reading. Every Sunday there will be a short devotional to guide your study. Posts will also go up to help throughout the weeks.

I’d love to hear that you’re reading along and how it is going, so feel free to email me, leave a comment, or otherwise contact me as we go along. I’d love to hear questions about the passages, comments, or suggestions!

Reading Plan

What Lies Ahead

COMING SOONWe’ve gone the route of seeing the forest for the trees this last year. From Spring of 2012 through the winter of 2013 we read the entire Bible.

Beginning the first Sunday of June, get ready to take a closer look at one of the trees.

Drawing Nearer and Nearer to the End

Revelation 4:4 from the Brick Testament. Click for original.
Revelation 4:4 from the Brick Testament. Click for original.

This week is a big step toward the end of Year in the Bible’s reading plan. We begin Ecclesiastes, which excluding Proverbs and Psalms, is our last Old Testament book. We also begin our final New Testament book, Revelation.

If you look ahead in our plan you’ll see that Ecclesiastes finishes next week, and we don’t then pick up additional chapters from other books. That means we end with weeks with only 20 and 17 chapters total. This is a bit on the light side and I wanted that to be the case so you can really slow down near the end. We can reflect on the whole year as we slow to a stop.

But again I emphasize that we aren’t to stop reading. We are just stopping this reading plan. I hope it is a spring board to continue on.

Another approach to these final weeks, if you’re not as into slow reflection, is to try as hard as you can with the extra time to cram in all those chapters you may have had to skip! There is still time. (But don’t go so fast that you have no idea what you’re reading.)

As we go through Revelation, a very intriguing book, please feel free to send in questions that I’ll do my best to answer. Even though we’re only doing six chapters, there is plenty to go through and we won’t be able to do it all. So if you have a part you want to focus on, let me know.

Winter Quarter’s Reading Plan

Tomorrow begins our new quarter so if you haven’t got yourself a new reading plan for the winter quarter, go ahead and print this out. I kept it at about a half-page so it’ll work well to tuck right in to your Bible. You can even use it as a bookmark (although you may then need a couple since we read multiple books at a time). Hope you find it useful.

Click for full size.
Click for full size.

Brand New Start

My wife has a calendar that for this month has a very fitting quote.

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.

-Carl Bard

As we begin week four we begin new books and it is a perfect time to start. I don’t want any false rumors floating out there that if you didn’t start with week one, you’ve missed your chance. The ship hasn’t sailed.

So if you have heard from others about this reading plan and wonder if you still can do it, wonder no longer. Join in. I’d even encourage everyone to invite others along. Make this a week when you think of someone who might like doing this together with you, and tell them about it. Spread the word.