And so it begins… tomorrow

Tomorrow is March 25th, and what does that mean? It means it is the first day of the “Year in the Bible” year. Some folks may say resolutions are to be made January 1. But let’s ignore those people, people like Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest. January 1 is in the midst of holidays and travel, and how often to we have the time to make such serious commitments and decisions then?

The beginning of Spring seems like a perfect time to make a resolution.

So for your consideration, make this year, from March 25th, 2012 to March 24th, 2013, a year to be in God’s Word. To abide in it, to listen to God, to seek out Jesus Christ. Be resolved to do something important–read the Bible, the whole Bible.

Through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, join with us as we break down the Scripture into quarters. Find someone to read with, get involved with a small group or a reading group, and let God reveal himself to you in his Word.

(And just so you know, if you don’t jump in right away, anytime is a good time to pick up your Bible and join in right where we are in the process!)

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