Out of Ur: Stupid Church Tricks

In reading about the resurrection this week and celebrating Easter last Sunday, did you feel as though something were missing? Maybe a huge prize giveaway?

Go to Out of Ur and check out this church that certainly thought so. My favorite quote from a comment is this, “How you get people to church is how you keep them.” Jesus was clear and up front with his disciples about the sufferings and tribulations we will face if we follow him (John 16:33).

What do you think about this?

5 Replies to “Out of Ur: Stupid Church Tricks”

  1. It is saddening to see that the body of Christ would resort to such measures to increase numbers. I pray that the Spirit of God will minister to them and have them be led by His Wisdom and not that of man.

    1. It is easy to respond to such a ridiculous gimmick with ridicule, but ultimately it is a sad thing. We should have confidence in the cross, which while it may appear foolish, is the power of God. What’s it say if we think the power of God can’t do it on its own?

  2. Another example of people thinking they come to church to get something, or be entertained, rather than to give their worship.

    1. That’s a good reminder for both when we organize and go to services. And it’s not to say we don’t or can’t enjoy the time, but entertainment is not the goal.

  3. I think the Minister and the leadership of this church are way out of bounds. Individuals and families should enter the church with serious intent and should be reaching out to God for religious guidance and direction. This church has taken a Flea Market approach to fill the pews and has lost the real meaning of attending church. It appears the attendees total focus was who got a prize auto.

    Allan Ward

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