Nicodemus Returns

We all know Nicodemus from his famous interaction with Jesus in John chapter 3 where he is unable to understand Jesus as he talks about being born again, or being born from above. But that is not the end of the story. Now having finished John in week three, have you noticed his return visits?

In John 3 he comes to Jesus at night asking questions and hears the good news of Jesus.

In John 7 Nicodemus is with the other Jewish leaders and he seeks to slow down the haste in which they are seeking to judge and condemn Jesus.

Finally in John 19 Nicodemus comes into the story after the death of Jesus. He is with Joseph of Arimathea and they prepare Jesus’ body for burial. Nicodemus brings myrrh and aloes totaling about 75 pounds in weight. They take Jesus’ body, bound it in linen with the spices, and laid the body in the tomb.

Had you noticed his appearances? What do you make of the journey Nicodemus has made from one seeing Jesus in the secrecy of night to one who would sacrifice much to prepare his body for burial?

Little insights like this are part of the joy of reading an entire book, as you follow the characters and see their growth over the entire story arc. I wonder what what Nicodemus went on to do next?

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