Most Read Books


Thought this was a little interesting. It shows the projected most read books of the last 50 years. You’ll see that we are in good company in reading the Bible. But the challenging question is have more people finished books from this list like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings than have read the whole Bible?

The graphic is misleading since the books are not to scale (do you see the millions more f Harry Potter than Anne frank?). But even with the staggering lead that the Bible has, how many have read Leviticus? Let that be a challenge to press on.

2 Replies to “Most Read Books”

  1. Interesting. The chart says copies SOLD. I suspect that a large majority of the copies of the bible sold have never been read.

    1. The maker of this graphic cedes that point, hence this is a projection. But the unread Bibles are the issue. People are strange in that having a well stocked library is sometimes valued more than a read library.

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