Week 8

I don’t know about you, but week eight has come quick. But my week seven was quite eventful, so you may feel differently.

We finish Leviticus (ch. 15-27) and are on our second to last section of Luke (ch. 17-20). I’m interested to hear how Luke has been going as we changed our pace a bit from John, since we now are just reading four chapters per week. I like to hear feedback, and I could even tweak the future quarters a bit if that seems like a good plan.

Don’t forget our Psalms (ch. 20-25) that we’ve had the last few weeks. Our focus passage is actually from there this time, with the familiar 23rd Psalm. Hope you can return to a passage you’ve read many times before and meditate on it in a fresh way. The Word of God is living and the Spirit continues to speak to us through it, so approach with great expectations.

As we continue, remember I love to hear your questions. A post from last week was prompted by a very good question in a reading group, and I’m sure there are many more questions out there. And just as it was this time, I’m sure others are thinking the same thing as you and would benefit from someone speaking up and asking the question.

Happy Readings.

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