Contest Winner and More Updates

So you may have wondered if you read a while ago about a book giveaway, what I was waiting for in naming a winner. Well, I was waiting for some participation. What I’ve decided to tell myself is everyone has been too busy reading the Bible instead of going along with the mild ridiculousness of my contest.

I’ve had two calls to action that I can think of–first was that contest and the second was the sweet potato bagging we did to help distribute food for those in need. If I had to choose, I’d say I’m thrilled we had a good number come out to serve.

All that being said, I already have my own copy of The Prodigal God, so I don’t need to keep another one and I need a winner. So the winner is the one who posted a link to some other person’s art that was in reference to the prodigal son: Kevin D. Email me to let me know how to get it to you.

Now that we’re in June I’d like to mention another chance to we have with Year in the Bible to get out and participate. On June 24 we will have a review and preview session as we end one quarter and begin our Summer Quarter. After the second service at Triangle Pres we’ll have lunch together, review some big concepts from our readings, then look ahead to what we’ll see in the months ahead. I’d love to have y’all come out–especially if you’re reading on your own. It’s great to see that you’re not alone and others are doing the same thing. And if you have any specific questions you’d want addressed on the 24th, you’ve got a couple weeks to let me know.

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