More on the Importance of Attention

I wrote recently that our attention is one of our most valuable possessions, and we should be very careful in regards to what takes our attention. In my reading I came across a couple more articles that help encourage this point, as well as one that emphasizes the value of memorization. One is a quicker overview citing sources like the book The Information Diet, Scientific American, and Time Magazine. The second is the cited article on memorization from Scientific American. Here’s a quote from that article from memory whiz, Ed Cooke, about the value added by using memorization and associated techniques:

Gradually the memory technique gives way—having acted like a scaffold—and you just know the contents. There are other positive things about this: the process of learning forces a depth of pattern perception that means you *truly* engage with the material.

Have you ever memorized verses of the Bible? Or how about asking it like this: Have you memorized any Scripture since being a child in Sunday school classes?

If you have a desire to memorize, let me know. Let’s challenge each other to do so. It’s harder to do it alone, so maybe the two (or more?) of us can do it together and get our brains working hard, in order to better understand and retain God’s Word in us.

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