Week 13

It is finally here, our final week of the first quarter. Just as the calendar officially moves from Spring into Summer, so does our Year in the Bible calendar. So, next week we start our count over again and will be in week one.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still have to finish this week. We have a lighter week with just a bit of Deuteronomy and more Acts. We’ll finish both and continue with Psalms. Once we do that, we’ll have read the entire Pentateuch, learned about the beginning of the church, and we’ll be over a quarter of the way through Psalms.

We finish the quarter with a Review & Preview Session after church on Sunday. It is a perfect time to get the big picture of what we’ve read so far, and if you haven’t read at all, you can come and it’ll be a bit of a shortcut. It’s a good entry point if you want to join for the second quarter. We’ll also have some previews of what is to come–introducing the genres and topics we have to look forward to.

PLUS – we’ll have some lunch. If you’re coming, I’d love to have you let me know so I can best prepare.

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