Share Your Experiences

Have you had any great experiences with your time in God’s Word?

We began Year in the Bible a few months back as a way to continue with the tools our church had learned in a previous study. We learned better ways to study the Bible–how to read it, meditate on it, ask better questions, pray through it, etc. But to learn the how and then fail to put it into practice would have been a waste.

So here we are, reading the whole Bible. In your devotional times, have you been able to gain a better understanding of Scripture? Have you had new insights? Has it helped you to have a better vision of who God is? Has your dedication to the Word worked itself out in your life in ways you didn’t expect?

If you have some story to share, I’d love to hear it. To hear of the varied ways that the Spirit works in us can be a great encouragement and comfort to other brothers and sisters.

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