Nobody’s Perfect

Just a little update here about the very large editorial staff for this site and its resources. They do not exist. So if you find a post with one minor typo, that is a success. I personally still cringe whenever my wife draws them to my attention, but I have slowly learned to live with it. But sometimes those typos create more confusion, like this week’s focus passage.

My apologies to any who have looked at it and had no idea what I was talking about. I made a couple of scripture references that made no sense–not even to me as I looked back at it. One was the wrong chapter and another left out the chapter reference altogether (making it appear as though I suggested you casually go back and read 14 chapters). I have since made the corrections. Sorry for any inconvenience. The file is posted below.

Q2 W1 Focus Passage Joshua 3

If you ever find a major typo, feel free to let me know. Leave it in a comment or a send an email. I’ll take them gratefully as humility reminders.

2 Replies to “Nobody’s Perfect”

  1. Thanks editorial staff! BTW, the dates for this quarter look great – months days and numbers. The graphics on the page are top notch. And the content to be read by your audience each week – priceless!

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