Year in the Bible, Quarter 2, Week 2

Welcome to just the second week of this quarter in Year in the Bible.

You may have noticed some changes on the site. I wanted to update things to reflect that this is the summer quarter, so the tree that we had, which comes from Psalm 1, now has grown leaves. The hope is that we can, at least for these two quarters, parallel that tree. As we read God’s word, study it, pray through it, and seek him there, we should be growing in knowledge and understanding. We should mature and bear the fruit of the Spirit who is at work in us. Once we get to the fall and winter, don’t read too much into the leaves falling off.

This week we finish Mark, which just flies by. Our focus passage for this week comes from Mark chapter 10, when the disciples are asking about having greater honor among the disciples. Mark is the shortest gospel and speeds ahead to the passion week of Christ. There it slows down as Mark takes more time to focus in on the events of Christ’s last week.

We go ahead into Joshua as well, with Israel continuing their conquest of the promised land. Compared to the slow progress, geographically speaking, of Israel in the last few books of the Old Testament, Joshua moves along quickly and covers a lot of ground.

If you have specific questions throughout this week, send them on my way. I’m happy to help as best I can.

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