Difficult Times in Romans

This week’s reading for Year in the Bible goes through four chapters of Romans, which cover some difficult territory. We read passages about God’s absolute sovereignty and his election, and Paul struggles with the fate of his own people, Israel. In reading other materials this week I came across a discussion on these texts.

Over at the site Near Emmaus the author, Brian LePort, cites the book The Story of Romans: A Narrative Defense of God’s Righteousness in referring to two essential arguments from Romans. One is that it is the same God of the Old Testament, the God of Israel, that is now calling Gentiles to himself. Secondly, this does not mean God has been unfaithful to Israel.

This is certainly in the mind of Paul. If God is not faithful to Israel, how can we then trust that he’ll remain faithful to us? With this concern he writes defending God’s ways and I think you can see the way he aches for fellow Jews who do not confess Jesus Christ.

How have you dealt with these difficult passages of Romans? What has stood out to you? What have been your reactions in regards to Israel? When you come across hard passages, how do you proceed?

I’d love to hear your thoughts–comments, questions, anything.

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