The Nourishment of Scripture

If you’re looking for a genie in a bottle, you will be disappointed. The Bible isn’t a magic book of ancient wisdom; it’s a book about life and about God’s love for you.

This is from the beginning of a post at the website Biblegateway, which is a great site for reading and searching through the Bible, and it goes on to say what the Bible is and how we should find our nourishment there. The author, Brian Hardin, writes about how we seek fulfillment and satisfaction in all sorts of worldly pleasures, but they will ultimately fail. Only the Bible shows us what truly satisfies.

Read it in its entirety here: The Benefits and Blessings of Reading Scripture (

2 Replies to “The Nourishment of Scripture”

  1. Hi I am following your blog, and just now I put your blog on my list of blogs that I follow on my front page (right hand column, towards the bottom).That helps u get more visitors to your blog in at least a couple of ways. Would you consider doing the same for me? Thanks. Mine is a Christian blog, too, like yours.
    Come and visit mine sometime Have a great week, love your photo’s.

  2. Brad, thanks for reading along. I appreciate the support. For now I’m trying to keep a very minimal site, so I don’t have external links beyond what is included within posts and then the Bible related ones that link to the weekly passages.
    I must admit that I’m a bit curious about all the other sites that exist beyond the one I do, and I see how you follow several (and have quite a few followers, too). But at this time, I let the internet have too much of my time doing this, so I’ve held off, at least for now. If that changes, I’ll look more closely at having yours or others linked from here.

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