Year in the Bible, Quarter 2, Week 12

We’re getting so close to the end of this quarter. For me, it’s flown by. In some ways that has been great–but some weeks it just seems like I have less time. But that is to be expected. We never have perfect weeks or completely normal schedules. So we make our choices and work hard to keep our priorities in place.

What helped when we finished the Spring quarter was having an event to close it out, while at the same time previewing what is ahead. We’re going to do that again this month. Summer is almost over and the Fall is around the corner, so let’s get ready.

Mark your calendars: SEPTEMBER 26 – Year in the Bible, Review and Preview, Pt. 2

Last time we gathered after church for some food, fellowship, and some learning. We’ll keep that format, but change the time. Instead of after church, we’ll do it Wednesday evening at 6 pm. This is perfect for both those who want to have a refresher on all we’ve done this last quarter. But if you are new (OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO’D LIKE TO JOIN? hint hint), this is for you. We’ll then have some introductory comments on what is ahead. I think the third quarter is one of the hardest. You don’t have that motivation from being close to the end and our opening excitement may have worn off. 

You can do it!

And of course, you can do it this week, too. We have two more weeks of Minor Prophets, and we’re beginning 1 Corinthians. Send your thoughts and insights my way. 

PS – RSVP to me for the Review/Preview session. I’m providing dinner, so I need to know how much to make.

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