Finishing strong in Quarter Two


Today I had the privilege to worship with a another congregation in Charleston, SC and for the second time in a row, I found another church doing some sort of Bible reading in a year plan. I was at another church in Georgia doing a year in the New Testament and this one was just beginning today a year in the Bible, based off a book called The Story. There must be something in the water that we southeastern pastors are drinking. But whatever the reason, it excites me to be around others who are diving into God’s Word because they see they exceeding value of meeting him there.

This week we will finish 1 Corinthians and the Minor Prophets. It is the last week of the summer quarter so keep with it and finish strong. I would also recommend flipping back through all you’ve read these last months. I think it will encouraging to see all that God has shown you in these books.

We will have our own review, as well, coming up Wednesday, September 26, at 6 pm. Love to have you come out for a free meal. Invite a friend even. I welcome the planning headache you’ll cause if lots people come (and RSVP!).

2 Replies to “Finishing strong in Quarter Two”

  1. Casey, we’ll be in Wisconsin on the 26th. Hate to miss the fellowship and food! I’ve loved the minor prophets. Judy


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