Books of the Bible in One Sentence

Having just come home from our Review/Preview session for Quarter 2, I wanted to share a little. Unfortunately for you all, I cannot share the food we had. We enjoyed some fine BBQ from our neighborhood Q-Shack. I’d put money down that most everyone is still stuffed, especially because we had some delicious desserts brought in, as well.

But enough gloating. We had a great time sharing our experiencing from the summer quarter, almost marveling at all we’ve read thus far. We’ve got a great quarter ahead this fall and to intro it, I’ve got a document to share. Someone else had this brilliant idea, so here are one sentence summaries of the many books we’ll be reading in the next few months. And skip to the end for a downloadable, one-page PDF.

He was given the tough task of announcing the destruction of Judah, pointing out their sin, preaching for the repentance of the people, and holding out the promise that God’s faithfulness would remain.

Job is described as a good man who lost everything, bringing up the question of how God can be just in light of human suffering.

1 & 2 Kings
Follows the line of David and the Kings of Israel and Judah from times of power and prosperity to their Babylonian exile, including the ministries of prophets like Elijah and Elisha.

1 & 2 Chronicles
Another look at the history of God’s people, going back further than Kings, focusing on David and Solomon, perhaps with a particular concern for their restored community.

A book by the exiled prophet Daniel in Babylonia that through his visions holds up a picture of a God who, even though Babylon has overthrown Jerusalem, is still sovereign over all kingdoms and powers.

Thought to be written by same person (Ezra) that wrote Chronicles and Ezra, and details post-exilic life, with special attention to the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

The return from exile and rebuilding of holy structures and restoring holy worship.

2 Corinthians
Paul’s letter to Corinth and surrounding areas defending his own ministry and calling.

Paul’s Letter to Colosse refuting heresy that had come into the church, comparing its insufficient philosophy to the complete supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ.

Letter addressed primarily to Jewish believers that teaches that Christ is the full and final revelation of God who surpasses the revelation seen in the Old Testament and fulfills the promises of the Old Testament in his new covenant.

1 John
John, the apostle and author of John and Revelation, writes to battle false teachers and the Gnostic heresies, defending Christ’s bodily resurrection, and calling for love to be characteristic of the believers’ life.

2 & 3 John
John gives further warnings about false teachers, encourages discernment in giving support, and commends Gaius for his hospitality.

Another book with warnings for the church in regards to false teachers who have made their way among them.

A gospel of Jesus Christ, perhaps mostly written to Jews, as Matthew’s gospel purposes to convince the reader of Jesus’ fulfillment of Old Testament scriptures and points to him as the Messiah.

Here is a nicely formatted PDF if you’d like to print it out and stick in your Bible:

Books of the Bible in One Sentence

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