Looking ahead (already) to next week

For those of you out there who really like to have a plan, I want to remind you that next week is when we throw it into high gear. You might wonder, “I thought reading the Bible in a year was already high gear.” Well, you may be right. But we begin our history blitz in week 7 and that means reading about twice as much as usual for three weeks.

I’ll get into the why next week, but I bring it up now because I wanted to draw your attention to the amount of reading we have currently. We finish up Job and Hebrews and toss in a few Psalms. This makes it a lighter load. So, if you look ahead and your knees shake at the thought of so much of 1 & 2 Kings and Chronicles, feel free to get a head start. (Also, look ever further ahead and notice the week following our history blitz is especially light, so you always spill over into that week).

I figured it is no use telling you that this is a good week to think about reading extra once the week is over.

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