Finishing out our History Blitz

We are in week three of three of the history blitz. How are you doing? Has it been too frantic? Have you been able to make adjustments to get more reading done? Or have you changed the pace and you’ll use this week and next to finish up?

I at least hope you’re still working on it and gaining some appreciation for these books of history. Remember, as God’s chosen people, this is our history, too.

I know for many this week looks different as you may have Thanksgiving plans. I know that I for one am out of town and that throws things off. It may mean that many who use a focus passage in their small group won’t be meeting. There still is a passage and perhaps this week you can use it for personal devotion, or ask a friend or neighbor to go through it with you. The passage comes at the end of Chronicles and is about the rediscovery of the law of God by Josiah.

As we read to the end, think of how it would come about that Israel would lose the law in the first place and try to imagine what this history would look like if they had kept it close at hand.

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