For what and to whom we are Thankful

As tradition would have it, today we spend time thinking about what we’re thankful for. We probably could use a bit more thinking about to whom we are thankful. But to get back to first question, I have an answer inspired our readings.

Both Kings and Chronicles include a story when the people find the law of God that had been lost. Can you imagine what we would do today if our Bible either didn’t exist or had been lost generations ago? We have such a source for thanksgiving bound in this book that we take for granted. We have good news to share. We have reason for hope. We read of our past and our future.

We may not read it as we should, but even for those who never read it, there are few who have not experienced the effects of the Bible in their own lives. God could have left us with a lot of questions, but he has blessed us with knowledge of himself, especially revealed in the witness of Jesus Christ. For this I am thankful.

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