A Letter on Love: Welcome to 1 John

We have now finished our history blitz, at least according to the calendar. Some of you now find yourself wondering what to do with a mere five chapters to read this whole week. Not long ago, if you divided it evenly for each day, we were reading six chapters per day. Others have no idea who these over-achievers are that I’m talking about and are looking forward to this week being when you finish out 2 Chronicles. That is a good plan, too.

Either way, don’t forget we are in a different genre with 1 John. Take your time. Ask yourself what issues may have been present that caused John to write on these specific topics. If you only have 1 John to read this week, try reading it once through in a sitting and the again slowly. See if that helps you to get a sense of the larger message. There is plenty packed in this short book–we spent almost a whole year studying it not that long ago!

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