Introducing Nehemiah

I learned during a Walk Thru the Bible seminar years ago when I was in youth group a way to remember some of what Nehemiah is about. It helps if you say Nehemiah out loud first to hear what it sounds like. The instructor said Nehemiah can be remembered by slightly mispronouncing his name as Knee-High-Miah, and that was as tall as the wall he was building. Now this may not actually be factual–but it is a bit ridiculous and the more ridiculous something is, the easier it is to remember. I hope you’ll now always remember that Nehemiah involves the rebuilding of a wall.

It is thought that this book was originally coupled as one book along with Ezra, under that name. I tried to then couple them in our reading, but reversed the order of Scripture because I wanted to balance out the number of chapters so that as we get even closer to Christmas we’d be reading the Christmas story from the book of Matthew. Both of these books gives details regarding the return from exile and the work of returning life to its proper order, including worship and rebuilding projects.

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