Heads Up About Revelation

Tomorrow I’ll be preaching on Revelation 5. And I’m trying to keep it to just that. Although I’d like to go on about more of the book, the sermon would be so long.

I’m mostly done at this point, but are there things about Revelation you have questions about? What have you learned previously? Before you started reading, did you have any preconceived notions about what Revelation was about? Enjoying it? Perplexed?

If your question or comment is suitably earth-shaking, maybe I’ll have to rewrite my entire sermon. If not, I’ll try to tackle your questions in the weeks to come as we slowly make our way through this mysterious book.

Leave a reply in the comments, or email me.

One Reply to “Heads Up About Revelation”

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    Previous attempts at reading and making sense of Revelation left me perplexed and disinterested. Jeff,s sermon on it when teaching it to the youth groups made it less fearful. I still have usually avoided the book of Revelation. I think it was the first chapter and its symbolism that turned me off. I look forward to your sermon tomorrow. Betsy E.

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