Several Announcements and Questions

You sticking with it?

Revelation can be a tricky little book, but I hope (for those who’ve heard recent sermons here at church) that you’ve benefited from the preaching the last two weeks. Keep on going, just two more weeks and it’s a happy ending.

I was wondering how many of you have plans for what you’ll do when these two weeks are up? What will you read next? Are you looking for another plan? Might you repeat this one? Was it good to have assigned readings in order to keep you on the ball, or are you now going to read a bit more randomly or as “the Spirit leads you”? I’m curious what the plan is–if there is one. As I’ve said before, we didn’t do this so that we finish reading the Bible, but that in reading it completely we’ve built up habits that will serve us for a lifetime.

Last little announcement: RSVP if you’re coming to our celebration dinner at Triangle Pres. on March 24, 6pm. I need a a head count to figure out the foods.

4 Replies to “Several Announcements and Questions”

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have a plan. I would love to have one, though. It seems that the long-term commitment was a good one as it allowed me the leeway to feel that I could still get caught up when I fell behind, which I did on several occasions. It also helped to know that there were others out there doing the same reading. Even though I couldn’t attend the weekly meetings, I still felt part of the YITB community through reading the blog, and hearing the sermons. This was a great experience. I loved how it was all laid out, and though the switching between OT and NT was a bit uncomfortable at first, I grew to look forward to the switch. Would love a focused plan that gave us more time in one particular book or theme. Thank you, Casey.

  2. Allan and I plan to attend the dinner on the 24th. We would like to spend another year reading through the Bible again, so any suggestions for a new plan would be appreciated. We are also open to using the same plan or simply starting with Genesis and reading through to Revelation. Marie and Allan Ward

  3. Thank you so much, Casey for organizing and steering this study.
    I plan to cometo the dinner.
    It has been wonderful to read the Bible in a year with the group. I have loved reading through the challenging books that are not often the focus of sermons and studies. They give lots of food for thought, and it is good to have your seminary training to inform and keep us on track. Reading big chunks which gives the overall picture, and reading psalms, with old and new testament, has also been helpful for seeing the same truths expressed over and over in different ways.
    I would like to continue with a reading plan…..slower this time…maybe a similar one but spread out over two or three years. I am also seriously
    thinking of trying to memorize chapter 8 of romans. I have a plan that i got from a website.

  4. I’ll have something to offer in a week or so when this over. There will be a short hiatus before anything more formal in terms of *some* reading plan. But there is a plan in the works, one that covers less as at a slower pace. I’ll also share whatever outside plans I can find. Thanks for the feedback!

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