On the Brink of Finishing Year in the Bible

I just uploaded the final focus passage of this Year in the Bible. It is the first of the upcoming week of “lasts.” I’ll use it as one more chance to invite y’all to take a look at these. This site will take a short hiatus until I figure out what is next, but take advantage of what lives here. We have about 300 posts on all sorts of Bible passages and have a devotional for every week of the year. As great as it is to have read so much, we can’t forget to slow down and meditate on God’s Word, and the focus passages afford us that opportunity.

Of course, there are many places to find devotionals. Just find some. Keep reading. That’ll be a theme of this last week. If not here on the site, if you’re around me in person. It’ll probably be annoying. I really want this to spur us all on to stay in the Bible and continue to grow together as we read.

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