Getting the Most Out of Your Year in the Bible Experience

I wanted to put together something to help you get the most out of your experience with Year in the Bible, and as I was working on it, I concluded it was best to split it into multiple parts. So today: the basics.

As you know this is a guided reading plan that will slowly take us through 1 Corinthians. That being the case there are three things to do each week: read, study, memorize.


  • I expect you to read the weekly scripture. If you take part in a reading plan, of course you read, right?


  • I encourage you to study. This text is so short and it is designed so that you have the time to read, and re-read, studying the Bible, asking questions and seeking answers. To study is to approach it in prayer, not just approach it as something to quickly finish and check off as done.


  • I recommend you memorize the weekly verses. This is not a requirement. But it is going to make this experience all the more impactful as you store God’s word in your heart.

Again, at minimum, read. But the further steps you take the more God will work in you. If you’re on the fence about memorizing, read this article that lifts it up as a great spiritual discipline, including this quote:

Bible memorization is absolutely fundamental to spiritual formation. If I had to choose between all the disciplines of the spiritual life, I would choose Bible memorization, because it is a fundamental way of filling our minds with what it needs.
Dallas Willard

Desiring God: Memorizing Scripture – Why and How

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