Echoes of 1 Corinthians

I’ve been spending this weekend away on a retreat and have been blessed by some great teaching. But I am further blessed to know that the Holy Spirit is my teacher and I have been able to see the ways in which scripture has been called to mind. The teachers here have made several direct or indirect references to 1 Corinthians or topics contained in these last few weeks of reading and I love that given our study of that book, the references just pop out. When someone referred to 1 Corinthians 2 the one verse quoted had greater impact for I knew the whole chapter so much better now than I did months ago.

The retreat is almost done but I’ve already heard echoes of the following themes of 1 Corinthians (and I’m sure I’ve missed one, too):

  • Boasting
  • Eloquent speech
  • Wisdom
  • Receiving by the Spirit
  • Mind of Christ
  • Not about me, but pointing to Christ
  • Mysteries of God

Thanks to the Spirit for calling God’s Word to mind. How I look forward to having read all of this letter and having more for God to teach me!

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