On Reading Big Chunks of the Bible

Challah Bread

On the site Out of Ur, Jim Gilmore has a great article in which he argues for reading “bigger chunks of bread.” He writes:

It has dawned on me: we claim to be a people “of the Word.” But we read the Bible in chunks that are too little. We read slices of our daily bread, when we ought to digest whole loaves.

I’d encourage you to read the whole piece here on Out of Ur. He makes some good points that are very challenging. A hope for this 1 Corinthians plan is that we do read in big chunks, but in a way that adds more each week, slowly increasing the amount. Each week we can read the new chapter (or part of a chapter), but also all that has come before it.

If we spend five months reading and re-reading Paul’s letter, we will learn and retain so much of what God has to show us.

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