Preview of Judges, our own sinful cycles, and God’s repeated faithfulness

Judges will reintroduce us to some familiar names, yet as we read it again slowly, we may be surprised at what we learn about people like Gideon or Samson. We may see the Biblical narratives as full of heroes of the faith, yet these heroes aren’t always so heroic.

Judges will remind us of our own failings and how we repeat sinful patterns. God alone is faithful and thankfully the is full of grace and mercy. This points us ahead toward Jesus, as Keller reminds us in his summary of this book:

God relentlessly offers his grace to people who do not deserve it, or seek it, or even appreciate it after they have been saved by it. The book of Judges is not about a series of role models. Though there are a few good examples (eg: Othniel, Deborah), they are early on in the book, and do not dominate the narrative. The point is that the only true savior is the Lord. Judges is ultimately about grace abounding to chief sinners. God’s grace will triumph over the stupidest actions. (Keller, Timothy (2013-08-06). Judges For You (God’s Word For You) (Kindle Locations 70-74). The Good Book Company. Kindle Edition.)

As you continue reading, let this image remind you of what you’ll encounter again and again. It is a cycle of repeated rejection of God, yet he remains faithful.

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