Clarification on When to Read What

You may be curious about the specifics of the Year in the Bible as its start date is steadily approaching. Let me offer some clarification in terms of the reading.

The readings are assigned on a weekly basis starting on Sundays. March 25th is the first day of the first week, so the readings would begin that day. The Reading Groups of that week would meet to talk about the readings assigned based on the most recent Sunday. For example, the Wednesday 6pm Reading Group would gather on March 28th to share from and talk about Genesis 1-17 and John 1-7.

If you are interested in a Reading Group or have questions, let me know. I’ll put up some more helpful hints later this week.

Visual Guide

For those who have yet to see the spread sheet in the Reading List, here is the reading for Quarter 1–the beginning of the Bible and the beginning of the Church, in a more visually appealing form.

We start in just a couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for this week’s bulletin.

Reading List for First Quarter

We’re not yet into March, but here is a look at what we’ll be reading when we begin the week of March 25th. We’ll be doing weekly readings, rather than having daily assignments. This is meant to make the information a bit more manageable. Instead of having to remember which verse of which chapter of which book am I reading on which day–not even factoring in the mental calculations of missing days, you just remember the book and chapters you have that week. And I try to limit the number of books to three per week, and only infrequently will we go above that.

Reading plan Q1

Coming March 2012

After we finish the small group study, 40 Days in the Word, our church isn’t going to stop there. Forty days just isn’t enough.

Having learned new ways to study and understand scripture, we’re going to dive in and spend a year reading through the entire Bible. Here you’ll find reading guides and reminders, devotionals, and a place to ask questions and comment on the readings as we enter into this together.

Keep an eye out for more information.