Reading Groups

There are many ways to read the Bible, but none as good as doing it with others. You can find a friend to talk to about the readings. Your small group can do it together. Or you can come to the reading groups that will meet at Triangle Presbyterian, which Pastor Casey Clark will lead.

Wednesday, 6pm

This is a great time slot for folks who come for choir, which happens right afterward. Also, childcare is provided–provided that you let us know as soon as you can! Note that this group will not meet when TPC has ministry team nights, every first Wednesday of the month.

Thursday, 10am

This is a new time for our weekly Bible studies and I hope you find it accessible to your schedule.

You can come to either as often as you like. The more the better, of course, but I understand the changing schedules we have. Just know that you are welcome whenever you’d like to join us.

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