About Focus Passages and Small Groups

To go along with the readings, each week there is a focus passage that will be highlighted in the This Week section of the site. We’ll have time during the Reading Groups to talk about whatever has been assigned for the week, but we will make sure to spend time on the Focus Passage as well.

Small groups are able to use these as handouts for their groups, if you would like. You may prefer something more like a workbook for your meetings, but if your group or some of your group are reading along, this may work well.

I’ve put up the first three weeks if you want to see what the future holds. Here they are:

Week 1 Focus Passage John 3

Week 2 Focus Passage Genesis 22

Week 3 Focus Passage John 20.

One more note about how to best coordinate your reading with a small group. Take my group as an example. We decided we want to do this Year in the Bible together and use the Focus Passage handouts. But our group meets at 7am on Tuesday morning, which doesn’t afford us much time to have read the rest of the Scripture for that week. So what we have decided is that when we meet, we’ll go over the readings that go along with the previous week. If your group meets later in the week, you may find it works to keep in sync with the current week’s assignment.

As always, if you have questions about this or any other detail, let me know. It may be a great question that others have as well, and I’ll then post the answer here to share with everyone.

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