Year in the Bible, Quarter 2, Week 8

It seems like so long ago we read about people like Noah and were reading some of the gospels of the New Testament. But then I look at a calendar. It hasn’t been all that long–only a matter of months. We began Year in the Bible back in March, and late March at that. It’s exciting to look back and think about all we’ve been able to read and all that we’ve learned from God through the scripture.

We’ve done so much and we’re not even halfway!

As I write that sentence, I realize some may interpret it negatively, as some sort of depressing statement of fact. We’re only halfway? We still have to so far to go? Sure, you could read it like that. But I read it in light of that first paragraph. I feel like I’ve learned so much and the experience has been great and if God can do so much with just these last several months, what will he do with the whole year?

So I say again, with excitement, we’re not even halfway!

For this week though we’re more than halfway through both 2 Samuel and Romans. It’s a lighter week as we finish off with a shorter section from the Old and we keep our pace with Romans. We’ve had sermons the last few weeks going along with readings from Romans and I hope that has helped those who have had the chance to be there in worship.

Enjoy this last week of familiar readings since next week we shift gears and begin into the Minor Prophets and go from a couple months of reading Paul to to reading the letters of Peter.

One more note, as I mentioned last week the focus passage for week 8 covers readings from week 7. Sorry for my confusing actions. I just wanted to reiterate that point so you don’t pull it up and think you’re going crazy. It’s me.

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