What do we do with primetime now that the Olympics are gone?

If you haven’t realized it yet, the olympics are over. It dominated for weeks and then poof, it is gone, leaving many with an olympic sized whole in their evenings. There seemed to be non-stop coverage across the NBC family of networks, morning to night, and as quickly as it came, it has left only to return in four more years.

So what now? If you were one of the millions to be swept up in the whirlwind of sports, personal interest stories, and drama, what will you do with your time now? Can you capitalize on that opening and fill it with something worthy of your evenings? Or will you passively allow anything else to pour into those primetime hours?

London 2012 – Closing Ceremonies/Spectacle

I think it is a great time to recommit to our readings. If you’ve fallen behind, think about the hours spent watching the olympics and how easily you could now catch up if you approached the word with the same commitment many have had following the medal count and watching all the events they could.

I bet many folks could evaluate how many hours were spent watching the olympics and then come to the conclusion, “where did I find the time?” If you fit that description, then that is more support to the idea that we make time for the things we value. So then, let’s value time spent before God and seize this opening. Don’t allow yourself to easily find a new habit and routine that has no space for studying God’s Word. Make primetime a time to read, pray, and grow.

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