Getting the Most Out of Your Year in the Bible Experience, Part 2

So I’ve already covered the basics of Year in the Bible in an earlier post, but I wanted to give you a few more tips.


You should see something like this on the right of the site, or at the very bottom.
You should see something like this on the right of the site, or at the very bottom.

We already covered three elements: Read, Study, Memorize. That’s straightforward. But how can you more easily do this? I hope, since you are reading these words, that you’ve taken advantage of what is being published to the website. But did you know you could have this come to your email inbox? You can “follow” Year in the Bible and whenever a new post is published, it’ll come to you. If you’re not seeing where to do so, talk to me and I’ll help you out. (Or you can send me your email–I think I can manually add you in).

You could also do something similar by either ‘liking’ Year in the Bible on facebook at or if you use Twitter, follow Year in the Bible there at @YearintheBible. Both of those are updated with all the new posts.


You can also comment on any of these posts. I can then follow up if something wasn’t clear or you have a further question. Someone else can follow up, too. The Spirit speaks through more than just one person and we can interact in the expected places like a Bible study at a church, but we can also do so on a website or through facebook comments.

If posting a comment publicly isn’t something you’d like to do, please email me. Many posts in the past have been in response to people emailing me questions or pointing out something that has been helpful to them.

Quick recap: follow the Year in the Bible program either by email, facebook, or twitter and comment on the articles. I think these will help us engage with one another and that will be an encouragement for us all.


Here’s a quick list of some other things to do:

  • Make the memory verse your lock screen on your smart phone. This has helped me quite a bit.
  • Put the memory verse on your dash board. Again, that’s helped me out.
  • Read the Bible passage in different versions. When you see differences between translations that can be a great place to dig in and find out why (or ask me why) the versions went in different directions.
  • If you’re doing it alone, invite a friend to do it with you. This is not an intimidating reading plan so it could work great for someone’s first real Bible study. Find someone in your neighborhood. And it is certainly not too late to start. We’ve read a chapter so far!

Do you have any of your own tips? If so, share. We’d all love to hear.

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