If You Look at Your Phone 150 Times a Day, You Might as Well Make Good Use of It

Make this your "lock screen" on your phone and you'll be memorizing in no time!
Make this your “lock screen” on your phone and you’ll be memorizing in no time!

I heard on the radio yesterday that the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day. I heard it on the radio, and then I also was able to find it on the internet–so it must be true! Even if your own results may vary, I’m sure you are checking it many times every day. You check it for the time, for emails, for news, and of course, to make phone calls.

In hearing this little statistic I was given more reason to do something useful with my screen. I have already made Bible visualizations for your smartphone, but now I’m really thinking this can be a great way to memorize. Even if it is just a glance, 150 times a day is a lot. Do it for seven days a week, for each of our verses. That’ll add up quick.

These visualizations have more than words, so maybe when you quickly glance at this week’s image when you want to see if you’re running late, you may not read all the words. But you will see, again and again and again, a picture of the earth, a dove, and a gift. That alone helps us to remember the three points in this verse: that we don’t receive the spirit of the world, we receive the Holy Spirit, who helps us receive what is given by God. Imagine seeing that picture 150 times a day, over a thousand times a week. You’ll remember something of it for a long time.

2 Replies to “If You Look at Your Phone 150 Times a Day, You Might as Well Make Good Use of It”

    1. You’re not alone. I’m no accomplished Bible-verse-memorizer. I’m right there with everyone else. I know its hard and that’s why I’m trying to put all these things out there to help!

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